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Book Review, "Camellias, Skull, & Sword"

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautifully written prose stories somewhat reminiscent of Poe, imbued with a Japanese flavor

Michael Thornton writes a sentence five ways and chooses the best out of the five. That's more work than most writers are willing to do. The result is a prose style that is easy to read, clearlly understood, and will never offend one's sensibilities if you're picky about language. It's really quite remarkable. His predilection for the macabre and grotesque is unusual in a market dominated by mystery, intrigue, and romance. Yet the latter aren't entirely neglected, and there are enough twists and turns in the plots of his stories to keep the reader amused. The stories are set in Japan and should be very interesting to those interested in Japan, and especially Japanese literature and art. The details of the stories are painstakingly accurate. I think he compares favorably to H. H. Munro.

By Ricardo Vacilon on December 24, 2016

Book Review, "The Wonder of Things"

I have been an avid book reader for over 50 years, reading dozens of books a year. This is the most beautiful book I have ever read!

Walter Boulden, PhD

Michael Thornton is not only a great writer but is also an artist.

Mike is my life art theacher as well as art critic.

Fumio Sawa

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