Fumio received his training in Fine Arts in Kyoto, Japan, where he studied both Western and Japanese art disciplines. In 1986, he returned to the U.S. to focus on his art. Over the next 13 years he worked primarily in watercolor and represented the epitome’ of the struggling artist – having to work various part-time and full time jobs ranging from dish washer to building maintenance in order to support his art career. A collection of prints of his floral watercolors was featured and sold by the St. Louis Botanical Gardens in the early 1990’s. Since 1999, Fumio has been working in seclusion, developing his unique combinations of line drawings which balance color and movement. Fumio spends hundreds of hours drawing and painting each piece, using a light pen as his brush and the screen as his canvas. Thirty years of experience as a water color artist guides his hand as he explores the limits of his new palette, ranging from thin layers and subtle nuances to bold application of color and form. Many of the pieces in this new series are created entirely by thousands of interlaced and layered lines. The result is an astounding sense of depth and contrast creating a three dimensional illusion which appears to generate its own sources of light. His work draws on the line patterns, movement of light, and changing shapes in waves and ripples of water. The dance of shadow across a single leaf or sweeping across a garden of trees and flowers may inspire a new creation. The melody and rhythm of wind, birds in flight and classical music all find their ways into his creations. These pieces fuse the complex and often contradictory interplay of emotion and logic, creating graceful imagery in infinite variations of line, shape, and color. A solid composition speaks of stability and tradition, while the bold and innovative use of line, color and movement gives a progressive, cutting edge feeling to this contemporary work. A large format enhances the life and joy of the art, as the viewer’s eye is drawn into its depths, and dances through the paintings to the symphony of color, line, light, and movement.



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