Jean Daum, father of the famous Daum brothers, took over a glassworks near Nancy, France, in 1878 as part payment of a debt. His son Auguste (who had been trained as a lawyer) joined him shortly afterwards, to help improve the business. More than a decade later, and some five years after their father had died, the younger brother Antonin (a newly trained engineer) joined him. It was their business and creative skills which made the "Verrerie de Nancy" a success.
In 1900, Daum won the Exposition Universelle in Paris.   In 1904 Galle died, and that is when Daum really took over the glass industry.  In 1914 World War I began in France and the Daum factory was shut down and turned into a hospital.  In 1918 the plant reopened, but things were not the same.  Antonin Daum was leading the company, but the craftsmanship and innovation of the past twenty years was not present.
The golden age for Daum Nancy was likely between 1895 and 1914.  This period saw Daum register patents and experiment successfully with construction and decoration techniques that makes their art so unique and highly desirable today.

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