Michael Thornton, author and artist.
The following lists three of his booksnovellas, film script, and novel; and three of his portraitswatercolor and ink; charcoal; and pencil.


Book Review, “Camellias, Skull, & Sword”

December 24, 2016

 5.0 out of 5 stars. Beautifully written prose stories somewhat reminiscent of Poe, imbued with a Japanese flavor.

Michael Thornton writes a sentence five ways and chooses the best out of the five. That's more work than most writers are willing to do. The result is a prose style that is easy to read, clearly understood, and will never offend one's sensibilities if you're picky about language. It's really quite remarkable. His predilection for the macabre and grotesque is unusual in a market dominated by mystery, intrigue, and romance. Yet the latter aren't entirely neglected, and there are enough twists and turns in the plots of his stories to keep the reader amused. The stories are set in Japan and should be very interesting to those interested in Japan, and especially Japanese literature and art. The details of the stories are painstakingly accurate. I think he compares favorably to H. H. Munro.

—Ricardo Vacilon 

Book Review, “Camellias, Skull, & Sword”

Oct. 2, 2017

I approached “Camellias, Skull, & Sword” with a mixture of trepidation, reluctance, curiosity, and intrigue. The dark subject matter inhibited me, and I found myself finally picking it up with almost a groan. To my delightful surprise I was swept away by its poetic prose, by its pristine and sophisticated composition, as well as by its generous insights into human nature and emotions, not to mention the compelling aspects and telling of the stories. It is one of the most unique books I've ever read. Dazzling and brilliant. Truly. 

Barbara Bell

Book Review, “The Wonder of Things”

April 17, 2018

I have been an avid book reader for over 50 years, reading dozens of books a year. This is the most beautiful story and the most beautifully told story I have ever read!

—Walter Boulden, PhD

Book Review, “The Wonder of Things”

April 15, 2018

“The Wonder of Things” is a book of rare beauty. It deserves to be made available to the larger reading public. It made for deeply pleasurable reading full of insights, reflections, empathy and compassion. The descriptions of the changing light and shadows, the parallels of the exterior landscapes and weather with the interior landscapes of the narrator are breathtaking. The only book I can compare it to is “Dear Theo, the Letters of Vincent Van Gogh to his Brother.” “The Wonder of Things” delivers that same kind of emotional impact with its rawness of truth, its strength and vulnerability. Michael Thornton is an extraordinarily gifted writer.

—Barbara Bell

Book Review, “The Wonder of Things”

August 30, 2018

I loved this book! What a talent this author possesses. His words created visuals of beauty, color, and awe. It was like a kaleidoscope of many splendored gems appearing over and over. I found myself rereading so many passages, just to savor the wisdom and allure. Michael Thornton’s story was written with such sensitivity, respect, and understanding of the human heart. A jewel.

Kandice Starbuck

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