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At the top of the Victorian glass era in America, stands the Mt. Washington Glass Company as a symbol of all that went right in glass making. The Mount Washington Glass Works began operating in 1837 in the Mount Washington area of South Boston, Massachusetts and continued operating there until 1870, when William Libbey, moved the operation to New Bedford, Massachusetts. The Mount Washington Glass Works operatedin New Bedford from 1870 until 1894 producing, perhaps, the most diverse and beautiful assortment of American art glass of the Victorian era. Mt. Washington reached its full potential at the height of Victorian times, around 1880. Frederick Shirley was most instrumental in bringing this company to its proud place among glass makers of the day with the development of the Burmese glass formula that reigned as king of color and form, leading to the production of Thomas Webb & Sons' Queen's Burmese. The Mt. Washingon Glass Company's production covered antique brilliant cut glass, lava glass, peach blow, lusterless white, and very popular lines such as Crown Milano, Albertine, Royal Flemish, Rose Amber or Amberina, Cameo, Verona, Napoli, and Mother of Pearl satin glass. Some of the most exciting antique collectibles in this line are toothpick holders, salt and pepper shakers, sugar shakers, syrups, biscuit jars, covered urns, to name only a few. Some of the finest enamel artists were employed at this well-documented company and their relationship to the Pairpoint Manufacturing Company is legend.
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