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Almeric Walter was born in Sèvres in 1870 and is famous for his work in pâte-de-verre glass. His father and grandfather were painters of ceramic and Almeric grew up with a firm foundation in traditional artistic skills and methods. He received a lengthy training at the Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres which provided him with a solid understanding of model and mould making, painting, and enameling. At the same time French Decorative Arts were experiencing a creative rebirth as such masters as Gallé and Daum were transforming the techniques, forms, and decorations of art glass. Additionally, artists and craftsmen were exposed to the art of ancient and foreign cultures, prompting experimentation and emulation of the new forms. Pioneer Henry Cros was inspired by Egyptian glass and Greek sculpture to attempt to create a polychromatic sculpture material using crushed glass. Cros was given a government grant in 1891 to finance his experiments at a studio in Sévres, at the same time that Walter was a student nearby.
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