Fumio Sawa Fine Art
114 East Main Street, Suite A Trinidad, CO 81082

Fumio Sawa Fine Art  has been offering the highest quality, unique abstract visual art and art glass for over twelve years. The gallery operated in Kansas City, Missouri as Hyde Park Gallery, LLP from 2006 to 2014.  2014 brought relocation to Trinidad, Colorado, and a new gallery name, Fumio Sawa Fine Art, a more realistic choice as the gallery’s primary function is representation of the artist who has been called, without hyperbole, the greatest living creator of abstract art in the world today. 

You will not find abstract visual art in New York, San Francisco, or Santa Fe, in Tokyo, London, or Paris comparable to the inimitable creations of Fumio Sawa in FSFA Gallery.  You also will not find the variety and quality of American and European Art Glass in any other gallery in the western United States.

The ingenious use of color and composition in Fumio’s pictures produces a sense of peace, at once thrilling and joyful. And, while utterly contemporary in expression, he manages to retain a hint of the delicate traditions of ancient Japan.

Whether in a private home, a Corporate Boardroom, or a Bank Lobby, the artist’s work speaks of strength and innovation simultaneously. Fumio’s seemingly endless invention and his skill of execution result in abstract art with a remarkable interplay of emotion and logic. A large format enhances the vitality and power of the art, the viewer’s eye drawn into its depths, moving through its multiple layers in harmony with its symphony of color, line, light, and movement.

The finest art, sensitive and profound, such as that offered at FSFA, is a window through which we are able to gaze upon a dream, an ideal, a philosophy, a challenge, a sense of our inner potential, the inspiration to be found in beauty. The most wonderful thing about the highest level of art, such as Fumio’s, is that it touches you intimately and spontaneously, you simply have to bathe in its radiance and allow its benefits to inform your life. 

Fumio’s abstract works speak for themselves. That language is eloquent. Come and engage in that rich conversation for yourself at Fumio Sawa Fine Art.

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